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Our team is equipped to show you the latest technology in our exclusive lab environment. The demo’s are customized to meet your goals as you engage with the experts first hand.  

Intelligent MCC

Smart MCC’s can be a great place to begin your smart manufacturing journey. In this demo, we’ll walk thru the basics of a smart MCC and show how we utilize the technology in our lab to get data from multiple devices onto a network to make decisions. We’ll use a basic PLC network to integrate with and show you how to get started. This is a great way to learn about this changing technology before installing it in your facility.

Remote Connectivity

Accessing data remotely is a growing need in industry. In this demo you’ll see firsthand an approach that was developed for industry. As OT and IT converge talking thru our team of experts on your specific case can help define the roadmap you need for success.   

Etherent IP Integration

With the importance of connectivity and interoperability understanding Ethernet IP and how to integrate those devices in your system can be hard. In this demo we’ll showcase a few devices where we built a guide to get them living on your network. This is a live demo in our lab with our own established LAN. We’ll go as deep as you desire or if a general overview is what you’re after we can start there. Let us help you break down this complicated topic and build your confidence to put smart manufacturing in action.

Smart Motor Protection

Smart motor protection devices can be complex. In this demo we’ll show you where to focus to make the biggest impact in your facility. From communications to parameters we’ll break down the core areas that you could begin implementing to make an impact.

Power Monitoring

Power monitoring doesn’t just happen at the meter anymore. With the evolution of smart manufacturing power monitoring technology is rapidly integrating into facility operational decisions. In this demo we’ll introduce several technologies to consider and talk thru your use case to see what could be the best path forward.

Variable Frequency Drive Solutions

Variable Frequency Drives are the heart of many industrial facilities. With the evolution of smart manufacturing VFD solutions can provide much needed data to improve operational metrics. In this session we will focus on the areas of VFD solutions that are important to you and do that with the latest technology available on the market. We’re running actual motors and can show you multiple solutions regarding how to get the most out of your VFD.

Siemens Automation Solutions

The world of Siemens Automation solutions is moving fast. Let us help you by focusing on technology that matters to you and not in a feature/benefit canned presentation. We’ll go live in our connected power lab with some of the latest devices from Siemens and help close the gap on understanding how to implement this technology in your facility.