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EECO South Carolina Training Courses

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In this training the customer can expect to learn about the S7-1200 and all of its features. We will look at TIA Portal software used to configure and program the PLC, as well as the different types of hardware associated with the 1200.

One day class.

All Siemens Automation

In this training the customer will be taking a deep dive into the Siemens automation platform, looking at all of the different major components as well as software (TIA Portal). We will discuss hardware and what it does, software and how to use it, as well as commissioning all of the below devices.

  • S7-1500
  • S7-1200
  • Comfort Panel HMI
  •  ET200SP Remote I/O
  • G120 Drive

This class is best suited for TWO days, depending on how many of the above devices the customer would like to demo.

SINAMICS G120 Modular Drive

This workshop will introduce the customer to the SINAMICS G120 modular drive and provide interactive/hands-on experiences on:

  • Product Selection – Learn to select the appropriate G120 line-up and its accessories via laptop or smart phone.

  • Product Commissioning – Commission the drive on Siemens TIA Portal software, directly on the G120 drive via Intelligent Operator Panel, or wirelessly via our Wi-Fi enabled Smart Access Module (SAM).

  • Diagnostics & Maintenance – Stay informed about the status of your machine (locally or remotely), fine-tune the equipment for optimum performance and maximum uptime, as well as minimize machine downtimes by quickly identifying faults and taking prompt actions on unscheduled maintenance events.  

One day class.