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Valued Customer, in this demo you'll have the chance to see multiple solutions to consider for power monitoring. This is a highly customizable engagement and is flexible to highlight the main areas that you are interested in. Items such as connectivity, data management, parameter selection, interfaces, and many more can be covered in this demo.

Power Monitoring Device standard 

The purpose of this standard is to aid in the purchase and application of power monitoring devices where advanced monitoring is warranted. It is intended for use in industrial environments where such a standard would enhance equipment reliability and reduce operating costs.

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What Is Power Monitoring?

Power monitoring can be the crystal ball that a facility needs to understand and analyze the present, past and future regarding power consumption and it’s demand and anomalies. This technology allows consumers the ability make better decisions based off factual data versus being reactionary to given circumstances.

Power Terminology

Some common mistakes in the field are people referring to switchgear, switchboards, panelboards, and motor control centers as all the same thing. This can be confusing for people coming on site to work on equipment or trying to figure out what equipment needs to be supported.

What is Single Line Visualization and Why Is It Important?

One-Line visualization is an interactive diagram of the electrical distribution system in a facility. In that interactive environment, we aren’t looking at a static view of equipment, but we get real-time live...

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Services such as remote connectivity, intelligent MCC’s, Ethernet/IP integration, smart motor protection and VFD solutions are included as a virtual demo.

Welcome to EECO's Connected Power Lab - Let's Think Together

EECO's new Connected Power Lab is a place that was designed for you. If you have a difficult power or automation problem and just need a space to think, test, and learn contact us today. Located in Raleigh NC and Columbia SC, the CPL has lots of equipment and software solutions to help you modernize.

Single Line Visualization and Control Seminar

Imagine if you could take your single line and bring it to life with data! It’s possible and in this video, Mike Rathbun walks you thru how to begin implementing this technology inside your facility.  As technology continues to evolve the ability to visualize data in a format such as a live single line and have defined levels of control is easier than you realize.  Thru Eaton’s Power Xpert Dashboard solution EECO demonstrates how to tackle a project such as this and provides insight to what data will be most impactful.

Connecting Power Data to Safety and Diagnostics Webinar

Take the next step in incorporating power data into your digitalization strategy. Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, & IIoT is not just for automation!

Many end users have power data available but aren't taking advantage of the data.  What if you knew what equipment is costing you the most money IN REAL TIME and could take action to positively impact your bottom line without negatively affecting production?

While it may sound like a unicorn it is possible and knowing what data is important and how to use that to make better decisions is where the magic happens.  In this webinar you'll hear from experts in power tangible areas you could act on to make immediate strides in your digitalization strategy. Smart Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, & IIoT is not just for automation and we'll show you how!

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Valued Customer, ANY LEVEL of expertise is welcomed to this demo. Our goal is to support everyone wherever they are on journey. The only bad questions are the ones not asked. We look forward to working together.

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